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The Beyond/Gates of Hell

Halfway through it, I'm thinking I'll just turn the disc player off and leave it be.

However, I kept going, and finally in the last moments of the movie, it made sense.

Fulci holds onto his idiomatic writing genius as a director, sometimes to the detriment of all else. "Her eye MUST pop out!" he might say. "Completely out of her head."

We had always said Romero was rather "comic book" with his attitude toward gore, and if Fulci bloodstock was brighter, surely we would have extended the motif to his work as well.

I was watching some of this stuff one day, all for laughs, $hits and giggles, as they say, when one of my friends starting narrating the movie, which unlocked the idiomatic genius of the film, the logic of the piece, like a skeleton key.

Fulci is said to have been brilliant but "misunderstood" which is a shame, because it would seem by his common idioms that he was really intent on being understood, mindful of not breaking the idiom or diluting it in anyway via soundtrack or editing, and particularly so if a scene was difficult to look at do to either gore or outright brute violence.

However, the film industry in Italy in his day was quite cannibalistic, and we all know of his Zombi 2, which, despite being a respectable stand-alone effort, was still conceived under false pretenses.

"Look, Err! Talking farm animals!"
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