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Missing post from TIL5..

A post from December 2013 that just had no relevance to the story(like so many!!), so wasn't included in my postings for TIL5.

A 'Titanic' Truth – A true story of passenger aboard the RMS Titanic.


David Pike

Back earlier this year in January of this year 1998, the film Titanic was released. Shortly after seeing the film, I saw my friend and confidant Derek Okra. During a session of past-life regression under hypnosis, I discovered a shocking secret about the Titanic. I had a been a passenger aboard the doomed ocean liner that fatally struck an Iceberg (or so we're told) in April 1912. In a bizarre coincidence I also discovered during this and subsequent session that my friend Derek Okra, was also aboard the RMS Titanic. Derek explains this as to why I am so drawn to him in this life, as I have known him in countless other lives before. Being that this previous life is so recent, I have been able to recall many of my memories from the 'Exta-beball-cybex' portion of my current brain. During the regression's Derek made notes. In this article I will gloss over the most important facts from the man known as TOM HOBB, my previous incarnation who died tragically during the disaster and the 'LADY JAMIMA DUDLEY-MALRY,' a previous incarnation of my friend, Derek Okra.

'My life on the Titanic was brief and all too short. I was for the most part stuck in deck 'E' and 'G', for work, but being a whimsical and adventuress character. I often snuck around other parts of ship, even reaching 1st Class cabins where my problem with Kleptomania nearly had me killed whilst we were docked at 'Cherbourg' on the coast of France. Luckily, I got off that one – thank you, Lady Jamima. What did I steal? For whatever reason, I stole some candles. It happened as I was loading a room for the new passengers at Cherbourg. It wasn't on my list of duties for the ship, but as I was a pair of hands, I was asked to volunteer. As I said, I was sneaking around at the time anyway, but somehow I managed to find myself in some 1st class cabin. Opening a unlocked suitcase, I just grabbed those candles and thrust them into my pocket, not realising I was being watched.
“I'll have hung, you dastardly thief!” A woman's voice barked at me. I almost !@#$ myself. Never had I been caught before, but now I was. This lady grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and kicked me in the back of the legs. “Ow!” I bellowed for all to hear. “Is this 'man' even supposed to be here?” She asked a posh and dapper looking man now peering through the door, whilst pointing at my soot covered work attire. I kept silent. My face was emotionless, blank, but inside my heart was pounding like anything. “No!” came a stern reply from the posh man at the door. The lady grabbed the candles from my pocket and pushed me out of her cabin like a peasant into the ship's guard at arms, who thrust a pistol at me and escorted me away.
Somehow, barely a day into my stay on Titanic I'd found myself arrested for stealing these candles, but the lady was lenient and the case against me was dropped. I asked for this lady's name, so as for me to write her a letter of apology, which I duly did. Her name was Lady Jamima Dudley-Malry, a posh lady of high society London. At the end of the letter, I write 'Never before have I seen such beauty.' Soon after, I received a reply to my letter as I was loading the coal in the engine room. What a delight this was. “She wants be my muse!” I called out to the shock of my fellow workers down there.
Things progressed fast from this point, but I was indeed a happy man and felt a change of fortune coming my way, as Jamima was unmarried and the heir to goldmine. Jamima's embrace was like no other. Her lips soft and tender. She was to be mine for life. I was glad I stole those candles. The love was oh so short though. I would meet her just the once. I kissed her, that was all.
During the fateful night April 14 1912, I was in the mess room drinking tea, when I heard a loud bang. The cup on the table flew off onto me and I was scolded with hot tea. I screamed in agony as my groin area burnt and ran to the cold tap to ease the pain. Moments later, I turn around to see streams of workers coming up the spiral staircase to the mess. Like me, they are covered with water, soaking wet. “What the...” I gasped. “They've closed the watertight doors down there.” Roger, a stoker cried back. “We're flooding!” Another yells. “Where's Robert and Michael?” I ask. “They're gone, Tom.” I fall to the floor, collapsing as I hear that two of my friends are likely dead or drowning in what would have been boiling hot water, thank to the coal boilers. “Dammit.” I sigh. Then I remember Jamima. I must save her. Suddenly, one of the crew from above comes down and all he says is “Sorry.” Bemused, we wonder why he apologises and for what. Then this bastard shut the gate that would have been our escape and locks us in. “Oi!” I cry out.
For 15 minutes we stood there, then as sea water started to rise from below and the ship began to list to one side, we kicked that door in we all our might and we were free again. As we got through that door the water was ankle deep and rising. As wandered up the hallway we found ourselves trapped in there again, and the water was rising and rising. Sweat poured from my brow. “We're dead.” There were just the five of us. We gathered up the strength we had and vaulted ourselves at these pen doors as each one broke. By the time were really free, the water was at neck height and the ship was at the strangest angle. We made to the top deck. Pandemonium. It was about Half one in the morning and the ship was in a right calamity. There was a mad dash for the last two remaining lifeboats, but it was a hopeless task. These were the collapsible type ones. I wandered forward to see if I had a chance at getting into one but this upperty bastard with a gun told me to “Get back, YOU!!” His name was Lightholler. In a sense, he killed me that night. The !@#$. The whole time the ship gathered more water and slanted even more. I could hear the crash of of the boilers below as they moved from their fixings. At this moment, my thoughts turned Jamima. Where was she? Had she made it out in a lifeboat? I saw Captain Smith holding brass megaphone contraption. I grabbed it from him. He wandered off, depressed looking. I held the brass megaphone to my mouth and yelled “Jamima!” repeatedly, until a chap known as Officer Murdoch grabbed it off me and pushed to the ground. The ship slanted more. I grabbed for the railing and headed up to the stern of the ship. It felt the only safe place. It took all my strength to get up there and as the ship slanted even more, it became harder and harder. The crashing sound of things inside the ship moving from there fixings was ungodly, as where the screams of those left behind. I must admit, I screamed like a baby when the Titanic began to break apart and founder. I was at the top of stern, holding on for dear life and saw captain Smith again. He too was holding on to stern railing. As where many others, not to mention the hundreds in what was the 2nd and 3rd class outer decks, clinging to whatever they could. Captain Smith turned turned to me and told me off for stealing the brass megaphone. Then the most bizzare thing happened. I looked in his eyes and they morphed into slits and his skin became scaly. He looked lizard like. The man was not human!

As I looked and nestled over the stern railing, my foot caught the paintwork of the lettering to Titanic. Amazingly, the paint rubbed away easily. Underneath it I could clearly see the word 'Olympic'. “They had switched the ships!” I cried.
Captain smith looked at me as the stern stood perpendicular-like. I knew I was done.
“What is this?”
“Illuminati.” Smith in his true lizard form informed me.
Captain Lizard man grabbed me with super-human strength and tossed me below. I heard him laugh as I fell, almost in slow motion. In a blink I saw a space craft as I fell. The figure of Captain Smith disappeared. In a split second both Smith and the strange flying craft were gone and I continued to fall. ...BANG! I can only guess I banged my head and drowned. This was the end of my life as Tom Hobb. An all too brief life this was. Before this, I can remember snatches of my other previous lives. I fought the English with William Wallace, arrested Naploleon at waterloo, was a boy chimney sweep that got stuck and died, and was a roman senator that took part in fatal stabbing of Julias Cesar. Going further back, I was an ape-man name simply 'Punga' in the year 20000bc. I was the first ape-man to master the practise of how to light fire.

To see into your past, contact Derek Okra for a past-life regression session. Use the code: 'DAVETOLDMETOCALL' to receive a 20 percent discount. Rates are £2000 per every 10 minutes.
Memo note to Derek:
I've done as you asked of me, here's the rough copy of the article that will be included in my next newsletter. Now please burn the those naked pictures of me and the mannequin, you rotten arsehole.

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