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Re: Truth in Lies 5

The faint sound of music gets louder from speakers as the screen is but a motionless glowing black. The music comes from a unknown source, but as it gets louder it is unmistakeably Strauss's 'also sprach zarathustra' aka 2001 Space Odyssey theme aka Rik Flair's entrance music. Then an image slowly fades into existence on the screen in timing with the music. Slow at first, then BAMM ! It's revealed. A man, a balding man. HIM. The audience made up mostly Americans see the supposed cause of all their misery again. The middle finger extended and wearing his trademark 3:15 waistcoat, Austin casts his gaze in a image that strikes fear into all Americans. The crowd start going apeshit at this static image of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, whose eyes in the picture start glowing a menacing red.

The music stops, fading out. The cries and moans of a thousand or so panicked Americans are heard clear as day. Strangely another piece music starts playing and the static image of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin comes alive to track 'I'm Too Sexy' by Right Said Fred. The figure of 'Stone Cold' dances and mimes to the song in a camp and gay manner, gyrating on a pole dancer's pole, exposing his bare arse as he bobbles up and down. His black jacket changes colour to pink as he sings “I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts...”
This only heightens the terror of the Americans, as they start ripping up chairs and throwing them at the terrified celebrities on the stage. Several leap, most likely to their deaths from expensive box balcony seats that rise up on six floors. One mad audience member climbs onto the stage and starts pummelling Dr Phil, who is dressed as a Native American. The enraged man cracks the chair leg over his skull, again and again, before before being shot down by a British Soldier.
More and more jump up on stage and attack the celebrities, who mostly flee to the wings and then the exits of the building. A few at first and then several. Despite the British soldiers shooting, the enraged Americans swamp the stage, a rage brought about by 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Two Americans gang up on comedian Chris Rock, who defencelessly whimpers in his Ninja Turtle costume as he is beaten to the ground by two old men. Five overweight Americans belly Johnny Depp until he is lifeless. Another walks around lifting the severed head of Al Pacino, manically waving it proudly in the air, before being shot and killed by a British soldier. The whole stage is a bloody mess. The whole music hall in complete and utter choas.
Patrick Stewart stands atop the stage set of Mount Rushmore, a mass of carnage lies below him. Martin Short and Rick Moranis have split long ago, opting to get out before it got mad. About fifteen or more of the mad American's try in vain to push over the Mount Rushmore stage set, as Patrick Stewart calls out in vain to an ear-piece.
“Turn it off, now!” Stewart yelps “Turn the video off now. You'll have your !@#$ leader killed, dammit. It's driving them too mad!”
The video above stops for a second, before rebooting again. 'The Washington Bell march' music plays as another clip plays out showing 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin burning the American flag, giving the thumbs, then at the controls of airplane, saluting as it cuts to the towers on 9/11 exploding. The clip riles up the crowd so much that more enraged American’s leap for the stage and beat the corpses of the celebrities that litter the stage. Shots ring out, but the situation is so out of control the British Army soldier flee.
“I said turn the damn thing off!” Stewart calls out panicked as more American push and try to climb the Mount Rushmore stage setm which shakes and tilters. “Christ, get those soldiers back in here too!”
The video above turns off, just as we see 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin taking a crap on the American flag. It is graphic and all too real, but it over too. The screen above dies, fading to black then off. The stage lights come on and more of choas caused by an image and video are seen for the first time. In one corner of the seated are, Eddie Murphy has been crucified on an awkward makeshift cross. Adam Sandler, who was dressed as Neil Armstong has been hanged from a tall beam. In an aisle, tied up and helpless Willem Dafoe dressed as Uncle Sam is hoisted away on a rope attached to horse. His body is pulled out of the music hall and down into streets, hundreds of mad but joyous American's follow as he flails in pain and agony. About a 100 yards down the street, Willem Dafoe has died. His head smashed against a lamppost. The horse stops. The joyous American's stop and look down at his unmoving body.
“What have we done!?” One says aloud, breaking the silence. Many begin to cry, unsure of what just happened, but knowing they committed evil acts.
On the steps on the Royal Albert Hall, another mad American comes round. He holds two eye balls in his hand that he plucked from the body of Jesse Eisenberg. He throws the eye balls down, shocked.
“Oh god, what the hell did I just do!”” He yelps, falling to his knees. “DAMN YOU STONE COLD SATAN!.. DAMN YOU TO HELL!”
 Countless other celebrities have been killed.

“You bastards don't get it, do you!?” Patrick Stewart yells at those attempting to push over and climb the Mount Rushmore set as the rage inside the building still continues. “It !@#$ over. You country is finished! Once I gain full power, you'll all be put in camps and be forced to listen to 'Stone Cold's' entrance music, all day, everyday! I will kill you all! I will be KING!!!”
From the wings on both sides, British Soldiers rush to the stage, firing as they move forward. Bodies drop to floor. Maybe twenty or so of the enraged American's run away, leaving the stage only for the dead, Patrick Stewart and the soldiers. A British soldier looks down and picks up Al Pacino's head, throwing it at one the few American's that remain in the seated area. The head lands in a deaf man's lap in the disabled aisle. He'd been sleeping throughout the madness. The head landing in his lap rouses him and he faints with fright.


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Re: Truth in Lies 5

“Shoot them all.” Stewart orders the soldiers.
“Yes, sir.” They each reply, before shooting any sign of life.
One soldier however, cheekily replies, “Yes, captain.” Much to the annoyance of Patrick Stewart.
“Have that man court martialed immediately.” Patrick orders a more senior soldier.
“Under what charge and who's authority!” The original soldier protests.
“I am the KING of England. You answer to me.”Patrick replies, lying.
“King of the Star Trek Enterprise.” The threatened soldier replies.
“HOW DARE YOU!” Patrick Stewart screeches so loudly, the soldiers shooting stop and turn back to look. “Your rifle please, soldier. NOW!”
The scared soldier hands Patrick Stewart his rifle without question.
“Now leave, soldier.” Stewart orders the man, who then wanders back out of the wings slowly. Stewart lifts the rifle and bursts a round of fire into the helpless soldiers legs, whose cry of pain fills the dead air. The soldier may live, but this act by Patrick Stewart shows who has control.
“I will be King.” Patrick mumbles quietly. “No one will disobey me.”

To the side of the stage, Rick Moranis, Martin Short and George W. Bush come forward, stepping carefully over the wounded soldier.
“Patrick, a pleasure. How's the back?” Enquires a friendly Bush.
“Ah, fine, fine, my liege.” Patrick replies.
“The plan went very well, my friend. You have excellent competence for acts of conspiracy. In fact, you excel in its art form.”
“Well, thank you.. I'm learning all the time. I will be King, after all.”
“King?” a bemused Bush retorts, a giggle almost following.
“Yes. With you and Tony out of the way, I will be.”
“What about the Royal family and my bloodline.”
“You'll all be dealt with. As I speak, the Queen's train is being derailed. William Shatner will see to that. Another lieutenant in this coup. He controls a band of fifty militia on route to take that train down.”
“You bastard! The idea was to destroy confidence in the Americans! This is a coup!” Bush blurts.
“[sign in to see URL] excel in conspiracy, Georgie boy. Remember? All of them. Snuffed out in the night. Tomorrow there won't be a top Royal living on this mortal coil and I will be King Patrick 'THE FIRST!'
“How could you!? I don't believe my ears, such treachery. You will pay, Patrick! Besides, I will not believe a word of it. This is nonsense. William Shatner! William Shatner derailing the Queen's train. An imagination, an a vivid one is all you have. This is madness.”
Rick Moranis lifts a small mobile communication device from his pocket.
“Bald Eagle One, come in. Over. Are you receiving. Over.” Rick Moranis calls into the device.
“Yes... Over... Bald Eagle One to Dancing Nincompoop, receiving loud and clear.. Over.” A Canadian voice replies back.
“Can I have your name please Bald Eagle One? Over.” Rick ask the voice.
“Yes, Dancing Nincompoop. My name is William Shatner. Over.”
“How is the operation going? Over.” Patrick calls into the device.
“The explosives have been planted. Scheduled detonation at 2200 hours, approximately. Men ready for the armed assault. Job should be completed and wrapped at 2300 hours. Over.” replies Shatner, confidently.
“This is Prancing Fairy. Over.” Martin pipes in, over the device.
“Yes, Martin. WHAT!?...Over” Shatner yells back.
“What will become of the Royal family?” Martin asks.
“With any luck, there won't a big royal living in the next half hour, Prancing Fairy. Over. Oh, and I have my [sign in to see URL] shall be the only Prince William!” Shatner replies back, a hint of laughter forming.
“Thank you, Bald Eagle One. Over.” Rick says.
“...To Alpha! Over and out!” William shouts back, the device his voice comes from falling silent.
“ALPHA!” Patrick screams to Bush.
“ALPHA!” Martin Short and Rick Moranis repeat in unison.
“My [sign in to see URL] can't be [sign in to see URL] can't be.” Bush says, quivering.
“Beginning today, America is no more. No man, nor force of nature shall destroy me or my dynasty. I, King Patrick and my henchmen, my princes of this domain have the power. We shall rule it all, with complete authority. I shall be King of this fair Island, but you'll not live to see the day when I will be crowned.”
“What do you mean?!” A troubled Bush says, almost weeping.
“Crikey, you really are an idiot.” Patrick replies, laughing. “I don't mean to have you live, Georgie boy. I mean for you to [sign in to see URL] very day.”
Shaken by Patrick Stewarts remarks, Bush pisses himself in fear.
“Don't underestimate we British. I swear no allegiance to this crown. I am the crown!”
“Yes, quite.” Rick Moranis says, grabbing Bush by the arm.
“Yes, very serious.” Martin Short says, grabbing his other arm.
“PLEASE!” Pleads Bush, shuffling his arms.
“Our friend has high powered sniper rifle focused on your head now.” Patrick sneers.
“I'll give you anything! Our family has everything.. Let me live!.. I promise never to tell a soul... I will work with you. I will crown you myself! Just let me live!”
“I pity you, my friend.” Martin Short chimes in to Bush, as he spits in the ex-presidents face.
To the side of the stage, comes the Archbishop of the Church of England in full robes.
“Patrick. The said operation has been achieved, I gather? The planned coronation will take place on Tuesday. Yes?” Asks the Archbishop, one Nochi Ochabuki, a former South African leader of the Anglican church and newly elected head of the Church of England.
“Yes, of course, Father.” Patrick replies.
“What will become of this creature?” The archbishop says, pointing to Bush.
“He has no place on this earth and I would like you to conduct the state funerals of Bush and the Royal [sign in to see URL] Tony Blair, soon enough” Patrick answers.
“[sign in to see URL]” Bush burbles to himself.
“It shall be my pleasure, King Patrick.” The archbishop says, bowing. “I have every confidence you will have a long and healthy reign over this country.”
“Yes.. And the world.” Patrick laughs.
Bush flops to his knees, the stress of what he's hearing too great.
“I can't die.” He moans to himself. “I was a president.”
“I shan’t worry, Bush lad.” Patrick Stewart says comforting Bush and patting the former presidents head. “In the pages of history you'll be immortalised as the idiot king of the former United States and now desolate land of the dead. Your legacy will be, how on earth did we put up with that !@#$? And more to the point.. How did it go on for so long?”
Bush sobs, grabbing at the feet Patrick Stewart, as if pleading for his life.
“Soldiers out, now!” Patrick calls to British soldiers, who exit. The archbishop also leaves the stage. The Royal Albert hall is practically empty, bar the four that remain on the stage.

Patrick looks down at Bush. “I plan to have you assassinated, just like Lincoln was at the theatre with a shot to head.”

Patrick Stewart collars Bush by the scruff of his shirt and he stares upwards, motioning something or to someone. Bush struggles to break free, but Martin Short and Rick Moranis hold him also. They all motion to the rafters, now calling a name.


In the rafters of the Royal Albert Hall, a sniper lies down in a shooting position, taking aim. His haired slicked back by gel and dressed in black, he is unseen by all and about to take his shot. It is Derek Okra.
To his side, Derek hears a creaking sound. He maintains his aim, unaware that David Pike has somehow located him up there.

The screen above the stage comes to life again. Another Stone Cold video plays out with another soundtrack. Derek has been distracted. He's also sees David to his left, but tries his best to maintain his aim. Something isn't right about Derek.

He seems different.

Mind controlled.


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Re: Truth in Lies 5

The tale of Old Mother Edna

A tiny old lady old of no more 4ft 6 inches in height stands by an open window gazing at the stars.
“Beautiful.” She says aloud to no-one but herself.
Her name is Edna May, although she's has been known as Old mother Edna for years. She's a wise old woman with a deep connection to God. Most days she sits on her porch on an old rickety rocking chair, clutching her Bible and speaking to God. She lives on a desolate wasteland, just off an old 1950's industrial estate. In spring she grows corn and they cover the two acres of the land she owns. As she's 98 years old she struggles to pick the corn and most of it is still there after the growing season has passed, slowly dying and rotting away. It doesn't faze her, she likes it, as it keeps the demons out she believes.
She lives and is native to Margate, England, an old coastal town. She's seen as crank but people are being drawn to her in these uncertain times. More and more hear her voice in some bizarre calling into their minds, without them meeting or actual contact at all. One such man as Timmy. A local village idiot, he heard her voice long before everyone else. He wandered and wandered, travelling from town to town, seeking this woman out. He has found her.
“Oh god, what do yah want from me?” Edna calls to the sky, opening her window. She pauses for a response. It is sent telepathically from the higher source of all creation. Two men cloud her mind. Two bald men. One is muscular and brave, the other tall, slim and cowardly.
“Aaarghh!” She screams as the visions are sent and becomes unsteady on her feet. She grabs for a walking stick.
Like a hallucination, a figure walks through he small one-arce corn field just in front of her small wooden house. She looks down at the figure, as it pushes through the corn towards her house, becoming more visible as it gets closer.
“[sign in to see URL] [sign in to see URL] of light and darkness. One good. One bad. One big, one big one with firm muscles and a black jacket and black underwear. [sign in to see URL] Austin. He [sign in to see URL], [sign in to see URL] see a king. His name is Patrick. King Patrick. Him again. He is the Devil's child. And he has three servants. All [sign in to see URL] actors. The wish to be the Devil's unholy prince's. One also longs for power. Has the mind of Hitler. His name is Rick Mor....”
The figure in the corn comes forward and wave his arms up to the window.
“Who are you?” Mother Edna says, clumsily grabbing for a bucket of what could be holy water.
“I've come to see you, Mother Edna.” The voice in the dark calls back.
“Come closer, then, my child.” Mother Edna demands.
“Yes.” The voice below says, stepping forward.
Mother Edna hurls the bucket and its liquid on to figure.
“Take that, you demon son of a !@#$! That's my holy piss juice. You'll stench the heavens on this earth so man, woman and child will know exactly what you [sign in to see URL] DEMON!”
The figure below yelps.
“Mother [sign in to see URL]'m no demon. You called me. You told me to come. It's Timmy.”
Mother Edna claps her hands and the porch light comes on. She looks below to see the drenched figure of Timmy.
“Oh, [sign in to see URL] apologies, child. Forgive me.” The old woman begs.
“It'[sign in to see URL]'s okay, I suppose. What is this you just threw on me anyway. I can barely hear you up there, Mother Edna. Come down.”
Mother Edna slowly makes her way down to the porch.
“It's nothing you worry about, child. You come in a get yourself changed.”
“It's smells like urine, Mother Edna. Smelly and stale urine.”
“It's not urine! It's holy wine from Lourdes in France. I saved it for when those demon's drop by here.” Mother Edna says, lying. “Forgive me Jesus.” She says under her breathe, for Jesus alone to hear.
“I don't care all to much, Mother Edna. I'd like to know why you called me hear though?” Timmy asks.
“I called you!?” She laughs.
“Yes. I heard you voice. You spoke of the end times. The plague, the zombies, Satan's new army, and Patrick Stewart.”
“Patrick Stewart isn't Patrick Stewart, first of all. I believe he is the devil himself in human form.”
“And who is this Stunning Steve?”
“Steve Austin?” The old woman asks back.
“Yes. Him.”
“He was killed by the mercenaries of this great satan; David Pike, Derek Okra, John Wusso and some random Irish man. They hit him with a car, not knowing he was a good man.”
“Killed?....but he's alive.”
“What do you mean, child?”
“I've see him. He led me here. As well as you, of course.”
“Never!” Old mother Edna shrieks waving her walking stick in the air, angrily. “It's not possible! It's just not possible.”
“It is so, Mother Edna” says a voice emerging from the corn fielding. “I am he.”
 The voice stuns both Timmy and Old Mother Edna. They huddle up together and look out at the corn field as an amazing light source shines out and a man emerges.
“It can't be.” Timmy says amazed at the scene before him, a smile forming.
“What?!” The figure shouts at the two on the porch in a gruff, Texan accent.
“Are you really him?” Old Mother Edna calls out.
 “Steven Austin... Yes, it is me.”
“An angel of God.” Edna says with delight.
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin stands in the heavenly light. He wears white robes and sandals. He is no longer bald. He has long flowing blonde hair and a full facial beard. Looks wise, he could be Jesus' brother or Hulk Hogan's body double.
“I have come to you, Mother Edna. We will defeat Satan and his unholy elite.”
“Thank you, my child. I knew this day would come!” Mother Edna cries with joy.
“Why did you throw a bucket of urine on our fellow brother of goodness, Mother Edna?” Steve asks.
Timmy stands back from Mother Edna. He smells his clothes again.
“What [sign in to see URL] God!” Timmy bellows.
“I'm sorry. There is no room, not even for tiny lies. I'm sorry. Forgive me.” Edna says, comforting Timmy.
Steve Austin blows into the air and by some higher power, Timmy's clothes dry and no longer smells of stale old woman's urine.
“I'[sign in to see URL]'m [sign in to see URL] [sign in to see URL], Steve!” Timmy says, praising Steve.
“Hallelujah!” Mother Edna says, tossing her walking stick to the side. “Now please remove my arthritis, Holy Steve!”
“I cannot, Mother Edna.” Steve says.
“I understand.” a disappointed Mother Edna replies, sitting down in her rocking chair.
“When will the battle between good and evil commence, Steve Austin?” Timmy asks.
“S-S-Soon.” Steve says, his voice noticeably weaker.
“Are you okay?” Mother Edna.
Steve Austin collapses to the ground before them, anguished and in pain. Mother Edna and Timmy wander towards him, as he starts to fade into the ether.
“They are here. I must leave from ...” Steve's voice says fading too.
Steve Austin glances into the eyes of Mother Edna and Timmy.
“I will return. Very soon. For it is written in the Bible code, that a great injustice will occur here. Very soon.” He says, then disappearing back to from where he came.


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Re: Truth in Lies 5

Mother Edna and Timmy walk back towards the house. As Mother Edna gets to a couple of steps that lead up to the porch she stumbles and starts to fall to the ground. Timmy immediately grabs for her to stop her falling to the ground and doing harm to herself. Mother Edna begins to have a seizure. Panicked, Timmy hasn't the faintest idea of what to do.
From the cornfield, a young woman emerges and runs out to aide of Mother Edna and to assist Timmy.
“Mother Edna, you called me!” The young woman cries, holding her while in a full seizure. “It's Sarah.”
“God, heal this woman!” Timmy screams to dark, starlight sky.
“Yes. Heal her, God!” Sarah also bellows, eyes on the vast sky above.
Mother Edna comes too, weakened and fatigued.
“Help me, children. Help me to my chair.” Old Mother Edna says.
Timmy and Sarah lift her up and place her delicately in the chair, placing woollen blanket over her.
“It was him.” Old Mother Edna says.
“Who?” Ask Timmy, passing her a glass of water.
“His spirit force attacked me, he has great power. I know full well, who this beast is -The new king of this unholy [sign in to see URL] Stewart. I saw an evil in his eyes, like no other.” Mother Edna says, taking sips from her water.
“The actor!?” Timmy laughs, looking at Sarah, who almost giggles too.
“You laugh, son. Actor he may well have been, but in him is an evil like no other I have ever encountered.”
“Star Trek, right?” Sarah asks Timmy.
“Yeah, that him. Thin, bald [sign in to see URL].”
“Harmless, he is not! I know of an event taking place as I speak-”
“-The American Tragedy concert.” Sarah says, cutting in.
“Yes, that's right.” Mother Edna replies, positively. “That's the one. This very night. I was given a vision of a greater tragedy that takes place at that very event, more than 20 years ago.”
“What was the vision?” Timmy asks inquisitively.
“Look.” says Mother Edna, pulling a piece of paper from her pocket.
“What is it?” Sarah chirps in.
“I drew this 20 years ago.” Mother Edna says as she unfurls the piece of paper to revealing a crudely drawn pencil picture showing Patrick Stewart on the stage in a Lincoln costume standing atop pile of dead bodies, a crown on his head, an American flag behind him.
“My god.” Sarah says, analysing the drawing closely.
“I don't buy it.” Timmy barks sceptically.
“Believe it,” Edna says, her turning toward him. “It happened tonight. God don't lie. It was his first vision to me. He said two strangers will arrive and an angel will show himself on that same night. This night.”
“C'mon Sarah, you believe this?” Timmy says pointing at the picture.
“It's not beyond the realms of possibility.” Sarah replies.
“Patrick Stewart - WHY HIM!?” Timmy screams.
“It is not the man, it's the beast inside him” Edna says, calmly.
“Have you not heard the voices, Timmy? Mother Edna's voice? The great angel Steve Austin's voice too?” Sarah adds.
“Yeah, I heard '[sign in to see URL] Stewart though. It make no sense. Why not some politician?”
“The less obvious, the better for him. People trust celebrity too.” Mother Edna pipes in.
“I still don't buy!” Timmy rages. “This crazy old !@#$ has hypnotised us or something!”
“I forgive you, Timmy.” Old mother Edna says, tearfully “You may leave, if you like.”
“Yes. I think that would be for the best.” Sarah adds, frowning at Timmy's cynicism

Timmy takes a step back, picks up his rucksack and heads off without saying a word. As he reaches the small field of corn, the figure of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin materialises from out of nowhere straight in front of him. This Steve Austin is different to the other Angelic form. He wear his classic black jacket, black wrestlers pants and black boots. This Austin points his finger at Timmy and shakes his head. Timmy's eyes widen and he turns a pale white, as though from shock.
“You son of a !@#$,” Austin shouts madly, running at Timmy. “No !@#$ upsets Mother Edna and gets away with it! I'm gonna kick your ass, you piece of !@#$!”
Timmy stands motionless as Steve Austin kicks him in the groin and grabs for his neck, performing the 'Stone Cold Stunner.' Steve Austin then stands triumphantly with one foot on the grounded Timmy, his middle fingers waving in celebration. Sarah and the old woman gasp at the sight.
“Okay.” Timmys says, coughing up dirt. “I'll be nice and go back to the house, Mr Austin.”
“Damn right, you will, you son of a !@#$!” Austin replies. “Cause that's the bottom line, cause' Stone Cold said so!”

Old Mother Edna positions herself up on the porch, giving the thumbs up and smiling to the now fading Steve Austin.
“More will come, Mother Edna. More will come.. And forgive Derek Okra and his friend David Pike. They are [sign in to see URL] are good men. ” Austin says, fading again into the ether.

Mother Edna does not notice at first, but more have come. Streams of her followers make their way through the gate and then come through the cornfield.

A small child runs up to past Timmy and straight to Mother Edna and Sarah. The child hugs Mother Edna .
“I heard you.” The small child says, crying.
“Oh, my child. Oh, my child.” Old Mother Edna says, crying too as she see more coming towards her and Sarah.

Many kneel before her and make the sign of the cross.

A handsome, deaf and dumb man, accompanied by tall and blonde, mentally handicapped man come forth. The deaf and dumb man hands her a note. 'I Don't believe in God.' it reads.

“God believes in you.” Old Mother Edna mouths back.

“M-O-O-N spells moon.” His tall companion tells Mother Edna.

From out of nowhere, Austin springs back from the ether. He does a double Stone Cold Stunner on the atheist and his tall, dumb friend. He fades to ether again.

Old Mother Edna and her band of twenty followers retire to inside the house.

One of the followers switches on the TV.
Breaking News' A news reporter barks on the TV, 'The American Tragedy Concert has ended in riots and deaths of thousands, including a throng of entertainers who performed at the [sign in to see URL] struck the theatre at around twenty past nine, tonight... It was during a live broadcast that the crowd for some unknown reason turned crazed and the British Forces had to act. Some many thousands are believed dead. The crowd turned on the soldiers, TV crew and those on stage, as well as each other. The madness has been reported to have started earlier than stated, outside the famous Royal Albert Hall venue, 50 minutes earlier, but these reports are unconfirmed. The popular actor Brian Dennehy is believed to be among those confirmed [sign in to see URL] actor Patrick Stewart is believed to have saved the day, as he bravely fought the rampaging American barbarians with his bare hands. His actions have saved the lives of a countless numbers of people. Tony Blair has issued the following statement: 'I wish to thank Patrick for his Bravery in this troublesome and dark time. He has shown great courage in the face of the terrorist acts of the Americans. I believe the actions of tonight were an uprising by the Americans and a threat to security of the British people. Patrick alone has brought peace; he should be commended. His actions tonight will live long in the memories of British people.'

Sarah holds Old Mother Edna's drawing aloft to the shock of the other followers.

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Re: Truth in Lies 5

The Battle of Shatner Hill

At the top of a steep, grassy hill, a tall skinny figure of man holding binoculars wanders down carefully to valley below. At the base of the valley, a narrow road is filled with large white Toyota trucks with men nestled in, waiting to jump out. One man, a considerably older fellow sits on top of one of the trucks, combing his hair and observing all around him. He is dressed in camouflaged wear, top to bottom, as are the others. The old man stops combing his hair and pulls a large machete out a sheath that's tied to his belt.
“Mr Shatner! Mr Shatner!” The man shouts quickly making his way down from the hill.
“What?!” Shatner cries back, looking in all directions, his sight clearly failing in the dark light.
“It-it's -It's coming!” The man replies, out of breathe. “The Train is coming.”
“Right!” Shatner commands his men, thrusting his machete in the air.
The men in the back of trucks, jump out and begin to prepare for whatever will happen next.

At the top of the hill, train tracks. A bomb bleeps and sounds red. Ahead and oncoming a red train plunders along at a great pace. Any minute now.

Back at bottom, William Shatner pulls an old record from a record sleeve. On the back of one of the truck sits a vinyl record player that looks about a 100 years old. The record is the 'Superman – The Movie'. Shatner delicately places the needle on vinyl and the movie's theme music begins to play. ”

“You know what this night means, gentlemen?” Shatner says aloud, climbing to the top of the truck where the record player sits.
“The beginning of the beginning.” A man calls back, his face hidden behind a hockey mask.
“Yes, my boys – ALPHA, baby!!”
“ALPHA!” The twenty or so men, all repeat.
“Any minute now.” Shatner says calmly. “A train will pass and we will see the passing of the monarchy.”
“..And we'll be rich!” A man shouts, hidden behind a balaclava and holding a menacing looking rifle.
“Yes -That too, son!” Shatner says, laughing and pointing at the man. “This is the greatest moment in history, my boys. No !@#$ this up! Be ready and act accordingly.”
“We've trained for long enough. We can't mess this up.” Another of Shatner's men says pointing to the hill.
“Indeed. Two whole [sign in to see URL] the payoff will be worth it, my boys! With Patrick as King, we will have castles, manors, mansions, gold by the ton, woman [sign in to see URL] children, we will not fail. This day is our date with destiny and our imprint in the books of history of the future – THE DAY OF THE SHATNER'S AND THE BATTLE OF SHATNER HILL, GODDAMIT!!”

Shatner thrusts his machete into air again, prompting the men to scream “All our snackbars!”, curiously aping the 'allah akbar' Islamic chant.

“No fear, my sons!” Shatner shouts
“Yes, father.” One of the men responds.
“Yes, father.” Another responds.
“James, Michael, Barry, Joseph, Elvis, Tarkwin – are you ready, my boys?” Shatner asks.
“Yes, father.” They all reply.
“And the rest of you, my children.”
“Yes, father.” They reply, individually as he looks down at them.
“All our snackbars, my boys” Shatner says solemnly. “One day, pilgrimages will take place at this very spot. Our children's children and the people of this Island, will pay homage to this act and we will be heroes!”

“The train, I hear it!” One of Shatner's sons calls out from the middle of the hill.

“What if the Queen is still alive, father?” A son asks.
“No emotion, Raymond.” Shatner says climbling down from the truck. “Even if the !@#$ has an uzi sub-machine gun in her hands and is firing at you. Just go in and help your brothers. Remember always, they see us as Canadian dog [sign in to see URL] is those bastards that's the dog !@#$! Kill them all. Get it over with.”
“Okay, dad.” Raymond says, sensitively.

Shatner and his sons look up to hill, waiting patiently for the train.
“It's been diverted, hasn't it?!” Shatner screams, angrily, turning his back.

A second later, a train comes into view at the top of the hill and the bomb on the tracks explodes. The train derailed, part of it thunders down the hill, overturning and smashing against trees and dirt.

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Re: Truth in Lies 5

“!@#$ me!” Exclaims Shatner, arms flailing wildly in shock, as he turns back to see one of the train carts in the middle of the hill.

“Go!” Orders Shatner, as his sons pace up the hill, all carrying an array of weapons.
One of Shatner's sons reaches the first train cart that's lodged into the dirt on the hill. Another train cart is attached to back it, upside down. Behind that a third cart that's been detached, which is still attached to a forth cart that edges precariously, sloping on the top of the hill. The first two carts are seriously damaged and smouldering wrecks. It isn't long before fire breaks through them and the injured come streaming out.
“Stop!” Order of Shatner's sons.
“Hands up, you Royal snobs.” Another demands.
“Which one are you?” Raymond asks an injured man, who is on fire. “Are you a royal aide?”
The injured man whimpers and drops face first into hill's dirt.

“Kill the bastards!” Commands Shatner brazenly, from below with a loud speaker.

His sons don't respond. They appear confused.

Raymond looks up at the train. On the side of it, a Royal crest and below it the words 'ROYAL MAIL'. He stumbles back down the hill.

“Oh !@#$...” Raymond mutters. “..Oh !@#$.”

Shatner look up to see the disappointed in the body language of his sons.
“What is it?...Aren't you going to kill those Royal pigs?” Shatner says, turning off the Superman record.

“This is mail train, dad.” Raymond tells his father. “This is no 'Royal' train at all.”

Shatner doesn't say a word. His sons amble down the hill, dejected, moping at their failure. The injured from the train continue to scream out and drop down the hill, some rolling in agony, others passing out.

The first train cart explodes with a thunderous roar and letters are fly up into air and all around.

Shatner throws his machete to his side and pulls out a pistol. Letters from the train drop down at his feet.

“The Battle of Shatner hill.” Shatner sighs to himself, defeated and depressed “Pilgrimages, mansions, statues of me at this very spot, history. But dreams now.. I have failed. I have had a good life.”

William Shatner smiles, looks up to sky and the heavens above.
“I'm coming.” He whispers to sky.
Shatner walks over to the record player and turns it on again. The Superman Theme music plays out at it the epic climax.

Shatner turns his back on his sons again, lifts the gun to his head and fires. He slumps down dead.

Some of Shatner's sons drop to their knees and cries of “No!” and “Father!” are heard all around as the echo of the gunshot still sounds out.

Back at the top of the hill, an old train horn blares out. The actual Royal Train pulls up with a shuddering halt at the broken tracks. Steam and smoke from the billow in the night air.
A mist of smoke fades to reveal a green steam train. From a window on the train, the Queen and Prince Philip peer out out at Shatner's sons.

“All our Snackbars!” They cry out, running up the hill, firing guns at the motionless train.

Raymond Shatner sits at the bottom of the grassy hill, holding his fathers body as the train above is overrun by his brothers.

“You will have your statue father.” Raymond says proudly, looking into the eyes of his dead father. “I promise, dad.”

Raymond tenderly closes his fathers eyes. Above on the top of the hill, the marauding sons carry out their barbaric act on the Royals. It is something William Shatner wanted to see. It is something William Shatner longed for.

Yet, William Shatner is dead....
Shatner's soul floats from his body, he travels on journey into the outer reaches of the heaven's above at lightspeed. He awakens in a white room, empty and silent.
“Is this it?” He asks, beckoning for a response.

From above a skyline fills the view, fading into view from the white. An angel floats down from a cloud and greets Shatner. He bows his head in the presence of the angelic figure in white robes and sandals. The Angel shakes Shatner's hand. A hood hides the Angels face.
“Welcome to heaven.” The Angel says in a gruff voice.
“I made it! Well, whatdayah know!” Shatner replies, patting the Angel on his shoulder.
“Not quite, Mr Shatner.” The Angel says, pulling his hood back.
The Angel is Steve Austin and he looms back at William Shatner.
“YOU!” Shatner says, uncomfortably, jumping back in fright.
“You can enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Angel Austin says, peacefully.
“Thank you.” Shatner replies, relieved.
“...You have to earn it though.” Austin says, pointing above.
“What do you mean!?”A stunned Shatner says, disgusted.
“It ain't what you think, Mr Shatner.”
“It would appear, you're asking for sexual favours. Are you not?”
“What then?” Shatner says, pointing at Angel Austin's groin.

“You must write a one-million word essay on erm, lemme [sign in to see URL]... Geese... and Star Trek. Yeah, geese and Star Trek” Angel Austin says gleefully. “..Then you gain entry.”
“ Geese and Star Trek!?!” Shatner screams in agony.

Like a flash, the Queen of England arrives in the same ethereal room as William Shatner.
“YOU?!?” William Shatner cries, tears pouring from his eyes, knowing now the Battle of Shatner Hill had not failed after all.
“Elizabeth.” Angel Austin says to the Queen, bowing pompously. “Meet your new room-mate.”

The Angel of Stone Cold Steve Austin leaves the white space and ascends back into the heavens above. Shatner calls out to him, outraged but to no avail. He is stuck. His pass to heaven is an essay that he must write on Geese and Star Trek. His new companion is the woman his sons have just killed.

“What do you know Geese?” Shatner asks the queen.

The Queen takes a step back before lunging at him ferociously.

“You bastard!” She screams, punching and kicking him to the floor.

“We won the battle, !@#$!” Shatner yelps back, standing tall again and punching the old hag in the face.

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Re: Truth in Lies 5

Domingo Okra – Diary of a sacrificial dwarf
(Part 1)
October 25th 2013
David has gone full blown mad again. He insists I dress in all turquoise or he will beat me again. I reject his proposal for me to wear a turquoise leotard. I have opted for a shell-suit. He believes it will ward off evil. He however does not wear one. When I try to debate him on his hypocrisy, he beats me anyway. I hate this man, but stay to see my father again. Derek, I love you.

October 26th 2013
Attended lecture that David gave to promote his new book, 'Interview with a Reptillian'. He complains throughout that the negative reviews the book is getting is because of conspiracy involving the publishers and the Ugandan government. When a man complained and said this was “Bullshit,” David ran away in tears, leaving the 9 hour lecture half-way through. I then had to do my best in carrying on. The man continued with his heckling “Ha -What does a dwarf know about reptillians!?” He shouts at me, prompting the other 7 or 8 people to burst into laughter. I stood in a Turquoise shell-suit, embarrassed and ashamed. I carry on regardless and do my best at putting the points of the book across as best I can. Later on, I follow the heckler home, !@#$ in a bag, set it on fire and stick it through his letterbox.

October 27th 2013
I find David lying naked on the floor, face first in his own vomit and surrounded by empty bottles of cider. I try to rouse him, but it is useless until his Peruvian girlfriend stops by, later in the evening. She then threatens to leave him if he doesn't stop drinking cider.

October 28th 2013
News is spreading fast of the coming 'American Tragedy concert'. David believes there is more at play and talks of a false-flag attack. In the afternoon, he released a newsletter saying the zombie apocalypse is also a false flag attack and that in reality America is simply cut off from the rest of the world on the communications grid. He writes that no Americans have died at all and the plague was an invention of the government, who have hidden people in giant underground cities beneath the state of Delaware. He also wrote that

Octomber 31st 2013
David and I sat and watched the film Titanic. It is the first time I have seen this wonderful film and am engrossed by it. David cried throughout it.

November 1st 2013
David regales me with one of Derek's stories. I was amused to find out that both David and my adoptive father were both passengers of the doomed ocean liner from the film we had seen the day before. David tells of how he and Derek were passengers in a previous life, he a humble engineer named Tom Dobb, who worked in bowels of ship as a coal loader, and Derek, a 1st Class passenger named Jemima Dudley-Malry. I laughed as he told me of his exploits at the bottom of ship and shuddered as he went into the detail of his own death in the freezing cold waters. He alleges that he and Jamima crossed paths on ship, but wouldn't go into detail. He just sat smiling.
When I asked of Jemima, he only said what Derek would have told me, that she was an elgant lady of high means and elegant beauty, who in her youth mixed with the Royals of England.
Later at night, I hear David crying “Jamima!” in his sleep. I wonder if he is telling the truth after all, as to believe such a tail is quite mad. David attests it is all true and that he and Derek were passengers on the RMS Titanic in a previous life.
At 1am. I hear the Celene Dion's song from the film playing full blast. David sits wallowing on the floor. Again he screams for “Jamima!” and sings the lyrics to the song.

November 2nd 2013
David is clearly unstable. When he was unaware of my presence, I crept into his bedroom and snuck into the closet. Such things I have seen, but never this - He canoodled with a mannaquin and then began to make love to it. “Jamima!” He yells, madly at it. I thought I was dreaming, but no, IT HAPPENED.

November 3rd 2013
I believe David knows of my presence in the closet. This morning I found a child size mannequin at the bottom of my bed. I throw it out of the window. I will not be part of his perverted evil desires.

November 4th 2013
David is outraged that his book 'Interview with a reptillian' has not sold well at all. He says we need to draw attention to it somehow.

November 5th 2013
One of David's many sources has photographs of Derek Okra. They are recent and I will see them tommorow. Later in the day, claiming poverty, David used me again. He made me a dancing dwarf and had me dancing while he played his keyboard on a cold London Street. I was allowed to wear a posing pouch and that was all. Being this is November and it's now freezing, this was greatly difficult and embarrassing. Unhinged, I don't know how much longer I will be able to take this man’s demands. My only hope is that I will see my father again. DEREK WHERE ARE YOU?

November 6th 2013
David keeps telling me Tina Turner is the great whore of Babylon. He keeps repeating it. I'm starting to believe it, but don't know if truly true. It must be. She is.
The photographs of my father, show him with the actor Patrick Stewart. Derek looks a lot different. He has a perm and his eyes look empty. Dave believes they could be taking part in the coming 'American Tragedy' concert.

November 7th 2013
Tina Turner will be performing at the American tragedy concert. David and I plan to slay this beast. Training begins tomorrow.


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Re: Truth in Lies 5

Domingo Okra – Diary of a sacrificial dwarf
(Part 2)

November 8th 2013
I storm the stage of an old empty theatre and shoot a mannequin in the head while David sings 'Simply the best'. I then hold aloft a blank piece of paper (why?). David promises me I will see my father again, when I slay the beast Tina Turner. This rehearsal went well. I don't know what to think anymore. Will I see my father again?

November 9th 2013
David believes Derek was abducted by Patrick Stewart and has been brainwashed. He says Derek will be slain at the concert with a meat cleaver in some Satanic Ritual and the only way to stop it is to kill Tina Turner. I am prepared to save my father by slaying the harlot of satan first. TINA TURNER MUST DIE. He believes the occult sacrifice of my father will take place under the stage as the show goes on and it will somehow give the power elite more power. I believe him.
Today we went on reconnaissance and snooped around The Royal Albert Hall where the American Tragedy concert will talk place. We weren't hard to spot. David believed that we risked harm if we did not wear disguises. We walked around for a full half hour in Turquoise Trench coats, bright yellow wigs and fake moustaches. When approached by one of the shows performers he said, spitting in my face - “Who is this little.. moth-er-!@#$?!” David informed me this was an actor and an member of the Bilderberg group by the name of Alfred Pacino. David then told me about how the Godfather films were funded by the Italian Illuminati and the pope, and how Alfred Pacino kills kittens and then runs around naked in the Rocky Mountains. He says a credible source in the CIA told him this.
At one point we did see Patrick Stewart in a rehearsal. He stood on the stage set of American presidents on somekind of mountain which David told me was occult in origin. Patrick stood under beam of light and held his chest as if in the fit of a heart-attack. In front of this stage mountain, famous people danced as music played from an orchestra. It was amazing to watch. David again dismissed this as occult, and as he saw a black woman (whoopi someone?) dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, he droned on and on about how French Freemasons gifted it in some bizzare occult celebration of darkness.
For the most part, I believe most people assumed we were part of the show. Our half-hour there was interrupted ceremoniously by some fat security woman, whom on our failure to produce passes threw us out of the building. David sneered at her and under his breathe uttered “Illuminatus” and spat down at the ground before her feet at the exit to building. David then ran off in a huff. As he ran off he screamed and pointed in the direction of the building yelling “False-flag event!” over and over.
David took photographs and as I write this he believes he has a solid plan. He has a photo of the middle seated aisle and has drawn lines indicating where we will be and how I should run up to the stage. He says this should easy. My main concern is the stage. It would appear to high for me to climb. I may struggle, but I have to believe it's achievable.

November 10th 2013
David had me rob two old ladies at gunpoint in the street today. I feel awful. He says we are broke and need the money for the concert tickets. I am scared. The news ran a story this evening about my crime. They are hunting for a dwarf in a Turquoise balaclava.

November 11th 2013
David has tickets for the concert. We will be in the seated area and as soon the she-beast begins singing I will storm the stage. David tells me, if I fail he will take over and finish her off. I am troubled about all this. Something doesn't seem right.

November 12th 2013
Something about tomorrow didn't seem right. I did some digging today in David's personal effects. I found the paper sign that David expected me to hold up high after I have killed the she-beast. The sign is nothing more than an advert for the new book. When unfurled it reads in big bold letters 'WUSSO TOLD ME EVERYTHING. NOW READ MY BOOK. - [sign in to see URL] ORDER NOW AT 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1'

So, what to [sign in to see URL] kill the she-beast?
The truth is she isn't is she.
That bastard has been stringing me along like a puppet.

1. I storm the stage as instructed.
2. I pull out the gun.
3. Shoot up in the air.
4. Give David Pike the finger.
5. Pull out my sign that reads 'HI DAD'
7. If all doesn't go to plan, tell my captors (security?) that David has a bomb and will blow up the building. Tell them he's as mad as they get and there's no reasoning with him. He must be shot dead.

If all fails, Dad, Derek, whatever you're known as – I LOVE YOU. You make Domingo Gonzalez Okra, the happiest little man in the world. I hope you find this diary one day. I will carefully hide it in a box of your writing. If you find it, kill Dave. X x x x x


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Re: Truth in Lies 5

The shebeast walks unimpeded through the dreams of the corrupted, holding sway, texting friends, and pitching ideas for tv shows. Ever snapped your fingers and made something happen? The shebeast has.
David Pike, sitting home, watching the uproar on the tube, clipping his toenails, becomes agitated and accidentally hacks off his pinkie toe. He cries. I cry. I am David Pike. At the moment. And I need a tissue to collect the little sliver of flesh from the carpet.
"I, David Pike will intervene and save the world. Savior, with his own tv show(soon if someone offers), gosh bless us in the free world, USA! USA! USA! all that."
Derek's in position to do something really crazy. He looks crazier than usual, almost to my level.
"Say hello to Alvis for me" he whispers, squeezing the trigger-
and at that moment I spring on his back and try to wrestle away his weapon. In the back of my mind I lament preventing the change of the paradigm of power, but I know its for the best-unquestionably. He fights with the unrestrained might of a lunatic, and I know because I've thrown grown man distances, but like bustedskullsuperman, I subdue him, holding his arms, making him slap his own face with his confused hands.
If you did not know Derek, you would think that was fear in his eyes, but I know better: he's trying to get it all together, figure out who I am and where he is. Maybe the brainwashing is undone, and the unbalanced man will come back to himself.
"What was that Der?" I say, indicating the tableaux below.
"I was stopping the evil" said Derek. "Giving us all a chance to live free, without being controlled."
"You have a bullet for Cap'n JL?" I said. "Don't answer that."
The tableaux turns into something like a dream. The stars, the powerful, collected and juggling our futures, each of us. Tina Turner dancing, behind the arbitors of power and control, she comes around them, they don't notice, and from the floor she beckons to Derek.
"Tell me you're not going dancing at a time like this?" I say.
"I should" says Derek, seeming more calm and under control now.
"Get her to say 'David Pike controls Bartertown'."
"Okay." says Derek. "And I'm taking the gun."
"NO!" I say. "You might do something insane. I can smell the crazy dripping off you like you were a cheap girl of the night walking home, my brainwashed friend. You're not quite yourself yet."
"There might be snakes, David." He says and walks away.
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Re: Truth in Lies 5

Headache. Massive one. Blue and purple; purple and blue.
I am an Okra of one.
I am going to dance with Tina Turner, and she is going to dance with me. See her beckon. I brought my rifle, to keep the critters away. There might be critters, you see. Critters would make sport of me and thee.
Dave stopped me from my task. That pantspisser.
Bad Dave. Always has been a bad Dave-a Dave that needed to be enveloped in his own delusions to keep him functional. But doing what, I ask? Books for the thirty of people, literally thirties of people waiting to buy his books and find out what he thinks on a variety of subjects, some real, and applicable to everyday life, but most imagined, making one wonder is he this insane, or is this some clever metaphor he's come up with?
On one hand, he's my friend, who sings a good tune for his thirty of fans, giving me an appreciative wink of comraderie. On the other hand, the ridiculous crap he says is not dissimilar from what might be spewed from someone you spit on in the street. Imagine if he were a homeless man, without a typewriter, telling these tales in abandoned buildings in front of a trash fire. How would it sound then, I ask? Madness.
I've almost approached the tableaux now, with Tina Turner excited to met her ghost man, and the next rulers of the world are holding an impromptu meeting. Seeing them brings a wave of revulsion to me, but I've got to ignore them, I've got to ignore Dave waving madly from the balcony, and I've got to focus on this, a chance to do something I've never done before: a dance with Tina Turner.
As I approached the superstar, I felt more and more myself, more and more in control, and all the old Okra was flooding back into my consciousness. "I can do this" I thought, beating back an attack of nerves. "I channel ghosts" I thought, pepping myself up, psyching myself into doing this extraordinary thing, two fans, one a fan of the other, clutching in dance.
But it was not to be. For when I got close she bit me with a set of the craziest animal teeth I've seen, and it stung mightily, momentarily making my vision blurry, and my heart stopped for the briefest time, and I was breathing erratically, scared, primitive scared.
"I saw thought that!" screamed Dave. "She's one of them!" And maybe he was right, or maybe she was hungry, because the world was going to hell, you know, with a shift in power than promised nothing but wrenching turmoil, and maybe she had skipped a meal in the chaos. Nevertheless, I was injured, and the wound was smarting, smarting something fierce, as is said, stinging like a bad tooth, a raw nerve.
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