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Re: THREAD: Ideas, suggestions, etc...

Santa Lies. Anyways. And a joyous Year's End to you, too. Set trees on fire then douse the flames with stolen beer. Perhaps you heard about our "War On Christmas", but have no fear, this didn't touch the Red States. We have only one holiday: X-mas, the time of low prices(give it a few more years to come to fruition...).

I'm glad that you're into the story already. I also apologize for my recent messageboardvacation, which was hastened by the reality and emotions of TL2. No, I wasn't the victim of a Religious Fatality, but rather thinking of 7/7 as I contributed must have triggered some kind of 9/11 flashbacks. I guess.

John and Yoko Go To Camp, but they don't come back. Imagine.

Oh, and we can't forget to make the Foks News Channel try to discredit the escapee.

The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he isn't real.
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