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Re: Dead game?

!@#$, id make [sign in to see URL] seperate games...

NOTLD, you get to choose from Ben, Barbara, Harry, and everyone else, board up the house, and fight off [sign in to see URL] find a way so survivors outside won't see that your a zombie..

Dawn, make it out to the helicopter, and kill all the zombies in the mall, choose 2 of the 4 charaters, and try to ward off anyone...

Day, choose from the military, the scientists, or the crew, and try to start a new civilization...

just rough sketches...
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Re: Dead game?

An RPG is cool, just like zelda!
But I prefer a shoot 'm up like perfect dark or timesplitter. There is a game like this in the make!
It's called: Zombies: The Awakening.

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Pretty cool huh. I still don't know on which console this game will come. The pc of course but maybe some others like the cube I hope

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