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Re: Mike Daydreams More TIL5 Goodness...

Companeros. A touching story of friendship.

Miguel sat, painting his fat toenails with purple glittery polish. There was a paper plate with some Francis Bacon in it, sitting atop his upturned horn.

How had he survived the zombie apocalypse, one might ask, and one would be right to ask, as he wasn't even supposed to survive Piketown, but here he is, before us, big as life and twice and ugly.

"Ben Dead has it all figured out" said Alvarex, coming in the room wearing a floral kimono and slippers.

"My friend" sludged Miguel, "Ben Dead is a force of his own!" A drop of purple nail paint fell to the carpet, and Miguel reached down with his pointer finger, and rubbed it in, as if to obscure it, but rather making the totality of the blotch much larger.

"If we can team-up with him" said Alvarex, "we will no longer have to hide out like this!" He then munched on one of the last of the dying world's innovations: the zero-calorie hamburger.

"That will run right through you!" tittered Miguel. He had that foot right near his mouth and was puffing air onto the wet toenails. Due to the strain of stretching, he was beginning to turn red like a lobster.

"Your English is not so good, my friend" said Alvarex.

"I do not know what is the right thing" burbled Miguel. He manually picked-up the foot with the completely painted toenails, freeing it from his opposite knee, and then let it fall to the floor. He lifted the other foot, and began anew, to paint his toenails in that glittery purple hue. "I wonder when we will ever get to play for our supper again."

"That is no good either, my friend" said Alvarex, "to make such suppositions as you are wont to do." Like a mouse, Alvarex had eaten the modern burger completely from within the outer crust of the bread, and now this crust was what was in his hands, like an absurd, drunken ring. "I give this trifle of bread to the chickens. Maybe one day they make juevos for us again."

There were indeed chickens outside. They hunted and pecked along the ground, stupidly, with no other cause but to pluck morsels of absolutely anything from amidst the common yard dirt.

Alvarex appeared at the door with the scraps in hand. After he fed the chickens, he watched them happily peck away. Miguel came to the door, behind Alvarex, and wheezed-out "where will we find gas for our Matrix Lincoln?"

(turns out they had the Lincoln Continental from the end of the first Matrix movie. it was an easy heist, considering that at least 80% of the population of the world was dead and the rest in hiding.)

"Kristina Lokken, who is zombie-bitten and dying, posted a clip to [sign in to see URL]" said Alvarex. "Ben Dead was around. John Wusso. Lokken fell off a truck into a crowd of zombies. Savaged."

"You are so grown and independent and full of knowledge!" ejaculated Miguel.

"Don't start that stupid sh*t right now, por favor" said Alvarex, opening the garage door, revealing the Matrix Lincoln.

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; what immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? What the hand, dare seize thy fire? And what shoulder and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart?"
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