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Alexandre Aja

Alexandre Aja is flying under the radar as a director, which I like, being reminded of Romero's independent nature.

First there was Haute Tension. Muse's song New Born was all over the film. It was a simplistic concept played very well by Aja. You could feel the tension, in other words.

Then he did the Hill Have Eyes remake, which I did not care for. The original is one of my favorite films, however fractured it may be, and it stands as a prime example of Wes Craven's writing with the protagonists building booby-traps against the monsters.

He has done a film with the Harry Potter guy called Horns. I looked in on it while recording it onto DVR. It has some brilliant touches, playing like a novel, even at points making me think of the writing as "white guy Toni Morrison", with that moody neo-gothic youngster vibe. Daniel Radcliffe is made a total butt, yet carries the load of the film well. I think I'd like to read the script and see if all those scene transitions and things are in there, or if Aja took liberties with the script. And it is a good script, despite a kind of weird ritualism and symbolism, a Catholism bent that this Baptist finds it hard to get into. Yet I did.

Note:Soon I hope to get into Dave Parker's second film. I will be going over this one with a fine-toothed comb.

"When the stars threw down their spears and water'd heaven with their tears: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?"
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