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Re: Mike Daydreams More TIL5 Goodness...

In Quantnico, Sam Six waits outside the complex to speak to Abaddon1215.

Meanwhile: The Nazi Blues. Nazi fervor turned to self-doubt.

John Thomas was a Briton by heritage, but a turncoat, becoming a Nazi after suffering a chemical imbalance in his brain due to "withholding his snuff."

He laughed and played with the other Nazis, while none were the wiser that there was a blood clot forming deep within his brain. One burst of blood, and he would fall dead!

But he played fooseball with his Nazi compatriots, while being none the wiser.

They were on the delta opposite the city and the park construction site, on a bit of pearl-white sand, pristine, with smalls bits of sea shells intermixed.

Came the Boywatch ATV, a'roaring. With his fancified rifle stolen elsewhere, Bloodsteve Boll laid down a suppressing fire at first, to stop them in their tracks, and once they stopped, he got most of them in a tracking spray, going from one side to the other.

The gun went click-click. Empty. No es mi cochina. Tengo un gran pistola.

A whooshing sound then came from the underside of the ATV. The stunned Nazi's looked down, surprised to find a mowing deck under the ATV.

Bloodsteve Boll launched himself and the yellow Boywatch ATV at the Nazi fooseball team, and that was all she wrote. The ATV got a wheelstand, raising the deck to thigh height, and he cut them all to pieces.

After, he did a few laps over the gunshot victims, as well, cutting them to pieces. Then he cleaned the blood and gore from his ride, and left.

The carnage was perfect, and the remaining Nazis were all yelling about having no chance at the world fooseball championship, and that a golem had come out of the hills.

That it was revenge. A long time coming.

In the hills, Bloodsteve Boll smiled, and he wondered if the ghost of the several-times-dead Hinzman would be ready to film when he needed him.

The movie was going to be big. Bigger than anything with superheroes in it.

Back outside Quantnico:

"If it ain't Baduan the Jackal!" said Sam Six, merrily, seeing the man himself get pushed outside by the federales.

"My first thought was, he lied in every word, That hoary cripple with malicious eye.."
-Robert Browning
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